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Welcome Sheridon, a discord game for Werewolf the Apocalypse!

Server Name Sheridon, NC
System: Werewolf the Apocalypse (W20)

Sheridon was a sleepy little village in the mountains of North Carolina. Then, the Wyrmbringers came. That was the 1850’s….

Sheridon was a sleepy little town, the kind where everyone knew everyone… then the Wyrm came … that was 2020.

Sheridon Falls Caern was awakened recently!

Join fellow players in creating the first within its limits for the first time in 150 years!



Light Moderation and What It Means To You!

Ultimately it was the most balanced way to allow player freedom while keeping a fair and balanced game. Sheridon was born out of a background of a Player Character, one that so many people loved the setting of, they asked it become a real location to make their own characters to play in. It was started by a group of friends who want to enjoy being able to play their favorite genre.

That being said, your ST's are not absent or incompetent. We are here to make sure that characters that come into the game are fair and balanced and stay that way to the best of our abilities without stifling the creativity and want of players to play “Special Snow Flake” type PC's. If you weren't playing a “Special Snowflake” you wouldn't be a PC, your character would be a background shifter/kinfolk and have no significance or impact on the story.

This isn't a game about “Who Wins” or “Who Has What I Don't” it's a game about telling a story about fictional characters with other players, making friends OOC and IC and enjoy doing so. Sheridon is about the story. Its about enjoying playing in that story. Here in Sheridon, we do make every attempt to stick by W20 rules, however there may come a time when the rules don't fit the need of the story itself. To that, we do not allow any OOC drama of any kind and ask that you please read over the Rules section very carefully to understand how this is handled and the types of behavior included.

Our ST Team approves sheets for play, run scenes, provide an overarching storylines (and some additional for fun), and ensure the safety of our community. It also isn't our goal to have players waiting for days for everything to be turned into a scene, you are players, you are creative, run your scenes (As long as they aren't game changing then please talk to staff). We are not here to have our personal characters be Bigger, Better, or the Best. We are here to play a game we love and tell some stories when we have time and energy physically or mentally. We have real lives and this game is not our jobs. Its a volunteer position.

Sheridon ST’s and Their Functions (Subject to the Needs of the Venue)
* Lady Phoenix - Admin, Main ST, final calls, Wiki | NPC: Old Lady Quinn
* Bjorn – Renown ST & NPC: Charles Montgomery

* Donnie – Mostly evening ST scenes; on top of Spirits/Umbra
* Marium – Downtime, Sheets, and XP, Storylines

* SilentWeasel – Spirits UK Time Zone (UK Time Zone)
* RedMalkav – Helps new people, runs scenes, & NPC: Dallas Nsang & Keith Douglas

* Vanderner – Helping new people & Complaint Department (UK Time Zone)
* Nero – Technical and Storyline Scenes (UK Time Zone)

We welcome you to Sheridon, we look forward to seeing you in our game! GAME ON!

Things that are NOT in Sheridon or in our IC game play:

- Coronavirus or anything related to it.
- USA BLM / Rioting Etc

Here's why: We ALL deal with this stuff every day. We live it. We don't need to be reminded of it in a fictional game we play. This is not to be disrespectful, it is not to be political in anyway, its to give our players a safe environment where this type of thing is not part of their every day lives IC when it is already so taxing on their real lives.

Game and Setting Information

Player Characters in Sheridon:

  • Kinfolk
  • Garou
  • Fera
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